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Learn About Lab Grown Diamond

Lab Grown Diamonds are nothing but man-made diamonds, which are created in high-tech labs. These diamonds are exquisite, pocket-friendly and are made righteously, causing no harm to the environment, just like the Earth, makes these diamonds by crystallizing carbon into ravishing diamonds. Lab grown diamonds have the same attributes as real diamonds, physically, chemically and optically. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is a process used to develop lab grown CVD diamonds.

How Are CVD Diamonds Made?

Growing CVD diamonds relies on a unique and innovative process. In chemical vapor deposition, a thin ‘seed’ diamond is placed inside of a sealed chamber and subjected to high temperatures (generally around 1200°C to 1500°C). Then, a gas mixture is introduced to the chamber. The gases are ionized to break down their molecular bonds, allowing them to attach themselves to the diamond seed. It forms atomic bonds with the seed diamond, resulting in the growth of a new, larger diamond — completely identical to the diamonds found in nature.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

               A mined diamond is created deep within the earth's crust. It takes over a billion years, immense pressure, and high temperatures for the diamond to form. With the application of advanced science and technology, it has become possible to highly accelerate this process and recreate the same geological circumstances in a laboratory above the earth.

How are Lab Grown Diamonds different from Earth Mined Diamonds ?

               Since the lab grown diamonds go through the same conditions as the mined diamonds, they are totally comparable to earth mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds display exactly the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics like Earth Mined Diamonds. The only difference is that the lab grown diamonds are engineered in a laboratory above the earth.

Are CVD Diamonds Real Diamonds?

               They may be called "synthetic," but don’t let that term fool you. Everything, from their internal atomic structure to the way they glitter on your finger, CVD diamonds are identical to the mined diamonds that have to be excavated from the ground. CVD diamonds look exactly like so-called "natural" diamonds. In fact, not even a trained jeweller can identify the difference. And this isn’t just the opinion of diamond manufacturers, either; in 2018, the FTC ruled that, for all intents and purposes, synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds are the same thing: 100% a diamond!


  • True Diamond :

                    Lab-grown diamonds are identical in every way to mined diamonds. They have the same chemical composition and other properties.

  • Conflict-Free :

                    Lab-grown diamonds are unaffected by political issues in war-torn areas across the globe. Their creation, cutting, and polishing processes are not compromised by global conflict.

  • Cost-Effective :

                    Our lab-grown diamonds cost less than mined diamonds. They cost a fraction of the amount compared to mined diamonds. They’re very pocket friendly.

  • Eco Friendly :

                    Lab-grown diamonds are created in environmentally friendly facilities with a tiny ecological footprint. The production process of these diamonds consumes a minimal amount of energy

  • Value for money :

                     Purchase a bigger lab-grown diamond at the same price you would pay for a small mined diamond.

  • Certified :

                     Lab-grown diamonds are graded by the leading Gemological lab using the same four C’s mined diamonds. 

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