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What can CVD do for the semiconductor industry?

Crystalline compound semiconducting materials form the foundation of many devices that are widely used in everyday life, including complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) integrated circuits (ICs), optoelectronic and photonic devices, and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) is the most widely adopted industrial technique for producing semiconducting thin films and complex layered micro-and nano-structures.

Electronic Grade CVD

Remarkable progress in CVD methods of diamond synthesis has made it possible to prepare diamonds suitable for radiation detection with tailored properties on a routine basis. Continuing improvements in CVD methods offer exciting future advancements in large area homo-epitaxial grown single crystal diamond plates/films.

Thermal Management Grade CVD

CVD Diamond has thermal conductivity five times that of copper and is an electrical insulator, making it a perfect heat sink.
Use the ultra-high thermal conductivity of diamond for temperature-critical packages. Higher power in smaller devices and the integration of these into other devices present heat dissipation challenges. High thermal heat flux significantly impacts performance and reliability. The unsurpassed thermal conductivity of diamond and its high electrical resistivity allow for increased microprocessor frequency, higher output power, smaller parts, and longer lifetimes.

Mechanical Grade CVD 

The exceptional hardness of grown diamonds and their very low coefficient of friction have inherent advantages in mechanical applications. It extends tool life, reduces downtime, and drives down operating costs and carbon footprints. However, grown diamonds are much more than just extremely hard; they can also be manufactured to have an ultra-fine edge for extreme precision.

Application of mechanical grade:

  • orifices in water jet nozzles

  • Die sets for wire drawing machines

  • Surgical diamond blades

  • Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) Blanks

  • Blank milling tools

Optical Grade CVD 

Diamond has an exceptionally high transmission over a very broad range of wavelengths. It is extremely hard and chemically inert, making CVD diamond the optimal choice in applications demanding higher power, larger area, and resistance to hazardous materials or greater strength. Diamond elements offer optical grade diamond films in a variety of thicknesses and cut to various geometries. Diamond's exceptional properties provide benefits in a variety of applications.

  • High Energy Research

  • X-ray

  • Multi-wavelength Spectroscopy

  • Infrared and Terahertz

  • Microwave

  • High Power Laser

  • Mono-chromators

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