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Diamond Cut

According to gemologists, cut is the main aspect of a diamond. A cut of a diamond forms it’s facets, brings evenness and verifies the brilliance of a diamond. A well cut diamond allows light to penetrate and pass through it thereby reflecting much light and making it more sparkling.The more the cut is brilliant the more luminous is the diamond.The beauty of a diamond is solely dependent on the cut. In order to understand the cut of a diamond, first the concept of brilliance, fire and scintillation should be clear.


Diamond Color

Basically, all diamonds are colorless. The quality of a diamond is influenced by its transparency factor. A transparent diamond mostly allows light to pass through it which therefore results in creating a rainbow effect on it. But, necessarily all diamonds are not white, fancy colored diamonds found in hues of pink, blue, band yellow. Red is the rarest of all.
According to the Grading scale, the letter “D” denotes the whitest and brightest of diamonds descending to the letter “Z”.


Diamond Clarity

Of all the 4 C’s “Clarity” is one of the easiest characteristics of a diamond. When the diamonds are formed deep inside the Earth or Lab, due to the pressure certain natural marks are spotted on it known as inclusions and blemishes. The clarity of a diamond is based on its inclusions and blemishes.

Inclusions - The inclusions of a diamond are the inner flaws.

Blemishes -The blemishes are external flaws.
According to the Clarity scale, diamond clarity is based on grades that start from Flawless (FL) to Included (I3).


Diamond Carat

The weight of a diamond is measured in "Carat". The carat of a diamond denotes its size.

The word "carat" has been derived from the word "carob" seeds, which people used to weigh their balance scales. The short form of a carat is "CT" and "TCW" stands for the total carat weight.

A carat includes 100 'points', and a jeweller defines the weight of a diamond below a carat by its "points". Supposedly, if a diamond weighs 0.40 carats, it is thereby declared as a "forty pointer."

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